Use Meditation To Unconfuse Confusion

Meditation | When Life Does Not Make Sense Use MeditationLet’s face it, when it comes right down to it, this world doesn’t make a lot of sense. And while there are thousands of books, hundreds of religions, countless psychological lenses, not to mention innumerable philosophies and theories that attempt to explain human consciousness and human behavior, the truth is no one really knows. That said, how does one get through life?

Checkout this recent post from The Himalayan Times. In it, Neeeraj Subedi attempts to put a new spin on confusion. According to Subedi, confusion occurs on a conscious level. The solution? Dive into the subconscious for clarity using techniques like meditation. Moreover, confusion doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Rather, it’s a sign that you are thinking.

Confusion is a positive experience, it reflects that our mind is active, if not clear. The challenge is due to the inner working to begin clearing the cobwebs of confusion. We must raise the questions to get our answers. We can secure help. Counselling, therapy, meditation, yoga, exercise, religion, nature etc. There is no reason whatsoever to be scared of confusion, as most of the time it comes through a lack of adequate information. Get hold of adequate information, and confusion goes out of the window.

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