Use Mindfulness Meditation To Enhance Your Well Being

Meditation | Use A Mindfulness Meditation Practice To Enhance Well BeingEveryone has stress. Most come to think of it as part of the human condition. Is it? Or is it a man-made device that we use to control ourselves into a life of continuous disappointment in both self and others? An interesting question to ponder considering time is just an arbitrary restraint in which stress is one byproduct. That and the fact that using meditation can help alleviate this seemingly inherent human quality.

Joe Wilner considers the cultivation of mindfulness to help offset life’s stressors in this recent Psych Central post. According to Wilner, it’s not so much about locking oneself away so as not to have to deal with stress. Rather, finding creative ways in which to learn how to let go of idle worries and concerns. One way to do so is to practice mindfulness and allow oneself to relax into the present moment.

One way to experience the present moment and be more accepting and open to what life may bring is being more mindful. Mindfulness is the intentional process of paying attention and being aware of our moment-to-moment experiences in a non-judgmental way.

It’s about simply acknowledging what may be happening or how we may be feeling at the time, without becoming critical or emotionally absorbed in the experience.

It allows us to become more aware and focused in everything we are doing without unhealthy attachment and concern.

We no longer have to go through life on autopilot where we’re bored by mundane tasks and frustrated by minor inconveniences.

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