Use Relaxation To Reduce Anxiety!

In the pharmaceutical world in which we live, it feels almost blasphemous to suggest that one can deal with anxiety using a more natural regiment. Although medication is appropriate for some and can offer a quick solution, to cure anxiety in the long run many find it necessary to turn to those alternative methods which don’t offer the same negative side effects.

Sharon Kirby in this Suite 101 article takes a look at some relaxation techniques that help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety without the drawbacks that many drugs can have. According to Kirby, methods such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation will help to calm the mind, while herbal and nutritional remedies can helpful in treating both stress and anxiety symptoms. Another technique is meditation which has been found to curb anxiety by helping a person to become reacquainted with their body in the moment.

Mindfulness meditation: meditation has been shown to relieve anxiety. Mindfulness meditation involves becoming aware of how your body feels while noticing what is going on immediately around you. During meditation, observe any sounds and extraneous thoughts that come into your head and then let them go. Focus on your breathing, staying in the present moment as fully as possible.

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