Use Your Smartphone To Cultivate Meditation And Relaxation

Meditation | Smartphone Apps Allow For Meditation On The GoI don’t know about you, but when I was a kid you could go out and play and no one could find you until you were good and ready to come home. And although the advent of the smartphone has drastically reduced one’s ability to hide from mom and dad, its seems as if the advantages of these handy little devices far outweigh the disadvantages. This is especially true when it comes to ways in which to maximize your health and well being, meditation and relaxation in particular.

Bob Tedeschi pens this recent NY Times post on several wellness apps. Giving us a good overview of the meditation and relaxation app market, Tedeschi outlines the positive and negatives of smartphone applications that focus on everything from binaural beats to breathing exercises.

Unless you’re listening to “Dark Side of the Moon” on your smartphone, it’s hard to see them as devices for relaxation. More often, they’re for aggressive thumb-tapping, Angry-Birding exercises.

But for every yin there is a yang. And mobile phones are no exception.

A path to a quiet mind can travel through apps dedicated to guided meditation and sleep enhancement. And fortunately, for those who need more, or better, rest, or who are inclined to still their minds for a few minutes a day, some good ones exist on all the major mobile platforms.

Checkout Tedeschi’s list of meditation and relaxation apps here.

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