Using A Breathing Meditation To Open Your Heart

I’m sure it’s safe to say that in today’s world everybody could do with more of an open heart. Just take a look around you. It’s not like we don’t have plenty of excuses to keep it shut!

Unfortunately, a closed heart leads to anxiety and depression, not to mention illness if left untreated. And while Western Medicine would like you to believe that a healthy dose of Paxil will help to set you straight, for those who think a bit outside the box, we know the truth.

Checkout this Natural News post that focuses on using the breath as a way to open that powerful energy point resting in the center of your chest. According to Sheryl Walters, a breathing meditation helps one to accept things as they are rather than how a person would like them to be. As a result, we become much more open to seeing life as a blessing and not something that must abide by our (sometimes) secret plans.

Start by quietly sitting and focusing on your breathing. Relax and allow your breath to come naturally in and out. Begin by focusing your breathing toward the area of the heart. This means that your mental focus as well as your breathing focus is in the area of your heart behind your breast bone. Take ten minutes to sit and focus your heart breathing while you let your mind experience the feelings that arise when you allow your heart to be open and activated by your breath.

Read more from Walters on meditation and how to use it to open your heart here.

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