Using A Meditation Bell To Promote Mindfulness

There are many ways in which a person can enter a meditative state. Some choose to light a candle, while others repeat a mantra to help them remain focused. Still others utilize a gentle sound to stay in a state of mindfulness. Whatever way you choose to help you with your focus, the important thing is to find a beneficial solution to curb that ever pervasive monkey mind.

This latest Wilmette Patch post introduces us to a meditation teacher who uses a little bell to help his students remember to stay focused on their breath. Dr. Om Johari, a retired scientist turned meditation instructor, uses the device as a way to invite individuals to keep their attention on their breathing as a means to deepen their practice.

As they focused, he occasionally tapped the bell, producing a chime that reminded them to bring their attention back to their breathing.

“His meditation techniques have helped me so much,” said one of the class members, who didn’t want her name used. “It helps me not to worry about things as much as I used to.”

That’s exactly why Johari, 70, facilitates the meditation classes, as well as teaching laughter meditation, sudoku and a certified driving course for people age 50-plus that can get them a discount on their auto insurance.

Read more from Johari on how he uses a gentle bell sound to help his students with their meditation practice here.

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