Using Crystals To Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Meditation | Crystals Can Provide Balance And Harmony In Your 7 ChakrasWhen it comes to energy medicine, nothing is more potent and powerful than a well charged crystal. Think about it. What other substance (maybe water?) has it’s atoms, molecules, and ions arranged in an orderly and repeating pattern which extend in multiple directions? Oh yeah, and have been around for billions of years?

The good news is that crystals are all around us. Even better, they are amazing healing tools when it comes to enhancing your meditation practice. Ask any long term meditator and you’ll find out. Crystals can center and ground a person. They even provide entry into the unconscious.

Michael Gomes pens this recent Gulf News post about the power of crystals and their ability to bring peace and harmony to people and their environment. According to Gomes, crystals help to balance a person’s 7 charkas and have been known to assist in providing relief from a variety of physical ailments.

How they work?:

Crystals are minerals and they transmit energy. They activate certain chakras or energy points in our body and help restore balance and bring back order in our lives and our surroundings.

For example, if the Arya Chakra or wheel of command (the thought centre) goes out of balance, crystals help bring your thoughts under control, making you more positive.

Which for what:

  • Education: citrine, tiger stone and amethyst
  • Health: white crystal, moonstone and lapis
  • Career: citrine, jade, bloodstone
  • Relationship and harmony: rose quartz, white crystal
  • Wealth: white crystal, citrine, yellow chalcedony
  • Spiritual: amethysts, lapis, citrine
  • Emotional imbalance: carnelian, rose quartz

Healing power:

  • Green crystal is used for treating kidney infections
  • Mariam or yellow stone is used to heal piles
  • Moonstone helps get rid of anxiety
  • Amethyst is believed to help hyperactive children calm down. Besides, it also reportedly helps people get rid of bad habits or addictions

Read more about which crystals to use in your meditation here.

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