Using Meditation And Hypnosis To Change The Brain

It’s unfortunate, but true, that many people in today’s faced paced world struggle with thoughts that prevent them from excelling and reaching their full potential. It’s even more unfortunate that these same people lack tools with which to successfully overcome these roadblocks.

Fortunately, researchers are finding that a combination of hypnosis and meditation is turning the tide when it comes to succumbing to the negative speak that most of us tell ourselves daily.

In this latest Montreal Gazette post from Peggy Curran, Amir Raz, a professor at McGill University in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention department, discusses how he uses hypnosis, despite its somewhat negative reputation, with meditation to help people pay more attention to the happenings around them.

“We’re not elated, we don’t win a trophy every day. We need to build resilience,” said Raz, who would like to see some form of attention training built into the school curriculum to help children focus, ignore distractions and learn social cues they won’t pick up sending text messages.

“With quality stimulation, people are better able to regulate emotions, prevent depression and obsessive behaviours. We’re less likely to explode when someone disagrees with you or shatter when things don’t go your way.”

Read more of Amir Raz’s interview on how to use hypnosis and meditation to help change your brain here.

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