Using Meditation And Prayer To Keep Your Health

Meditation | Use Meditation To Gain Insight Into Yourself And The WorldWe all have our own reasons for practicing meditation. For many it’s about keeping a calm state of mind, while for others it’s about gaining new and sometimes interesting insight into oneself and the world around them. And although these reasons are as diverse as the people who practice meditation, a new study from the University of Massachusetts and West Virginia University report that when it comes to those individuals concerned about their health or health related issues, more people than ever before are turing to prayer and meditation as way to cope.

Checkout this recent post from Jaweed Kaleem who discusses the findings in his latest Huffington Post.

“The United States did have an increase in worship attendance across multiple religious faiths immediately after the 9/11 attack, but that has not stayed elevated,” noted the study’s lead author, Dr. Amy Wachholtz of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

“However, people continued to use informal and private spiritual practices such as prayer,” Wachholtz said. She also noted “a greater public awareness of Buddhist-based mindfulness practices that can include prayerful meditation, which individuals may also be using to address a variety of health concerns.”

The study reported that people who considered their health to be waning and those who found their health to be improving said they prayed more. According to Wachholtz, that suggests that people with progressive diseases or quick changes in health are likely to use prayer as a way to cope.

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