Using Meditation And Yoga To Combat Office Burnout

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Prevents Stress On The JobFor most Americans (and I’m sure many working people around the world), a majority of their day is spent at the office. Regardless of a person’s title or job description, often times, long days and even longer years can lead to office burnout. And although some jobs offer some perks to offset the monotony, one company in Canada is offering to bring yoga and meditation into your workplace to help rejuvenate the crew.

The Montreal Gazzette recently published an article about Bhaskar Goswami, a Canadian originally from Kuwait, who five years ago began bringing yoga to employees at several Montreal companies in an effort to bring physical and calming benefits into the workplace.

One manager confessed that in their business of 2,000 employees, they have eight to 12 burnouts per month. “He said: ‘We need help.’ It was costing this company a lot to medicate these problems, and remember that when one person burns out it’s stress on the others.”

He believes this is why the meditation classes he has begun to offer are of great interest to senior management. First, they might not want to do yoga in front of their staff – would the senior VP want to be doing the downward dog alongside a secretary? – but they can sit and meditate. “Anyone can sit in stillness,” Goswami says. “These people have refined intellects but they don’t know how to look after them. The state of meditation is diametrically opposite to stress. “

Read more about Goswami’s workplace meditation and yoga business here.

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