Using Meditation And Yoga To Create A Better Future

Today more than ever, it would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t agree that our world is in desperate need of healing. From the education system and the economy in our country, to more global problems having to do with the environment and war, the planet and most everyone on it seem to be headed in the wrong direction.

Christa Avampato, in her latest Crazy Sexy Life post, sheds light on the issues facing our world today. In doing so, she acknowledges (via Deepak Chopra) that for true healing to begin, we must move from human doings to human beings using practices like meditation and yoga to achieve this state. In candid fashion, Avampato goes on to share her own personal and profound experiences with these two healing practices.

I began to teach yoga and meditation because the practice has had a supreme effect on my life. It helped me end a lifetime’s struggle with insomnia, something that seemed incurable from the time I was a very small child. It helped me to make peace with my father, who passed away before I had the chance to reconcile with him, releasing the burden and guilt that plagued my life and my relationships for too many years. It gives me the daily confidence to live my life by my own design, pursuing the many and varied passions that make every day a blessing. In short, it helps me to make a difference in ways I never thought possible. As Rumi so eloquently stated, yoga and meditation help me to “walk out like someone suddenly born into color.” I love that imagery and I want to help others do the same by giving them the gift of this practice. That’s why I teach.

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