Using Meditation To Become Fully Alive

If you are just beginning your meditation practice, you’ve probably picked out your favorite meditation pillow, your best candle, and the quietest place in your house or apartment in which to sit uninterrupted for 20 to 30 minutes. So now what? Well, meditate of course!

Kristin Shepherd pens this recent Yoga Journal post, the second in her series, on beginning meditation. According to Shepherd, everyone must find a reason to pick up the practice. For some, it’s a health issue. For others, it’s due to the stillness and presence of mind and body that a meditation practice affords. Shepherd draws her inspiration from Eckhart Tolle and her desire to be fully alive in her life.

Here’s one of mine: Something deeper than alleviation of complaints happens with meditation, with becoming present with what is in front of our faces. Ekhart Tolle, author of A New Earth and The Power of Now, describes the look on our faces when we’re unable to be present and still. He says the look is that of someone who would rather not be here. There is a deadness to that look, he says, a kind of veil of distraction over the eyes.

I know that look. I see it in the mirror when meditation isn’t a part of my practice and life is demanding. I hear that look when I’m on the phone with my lovely man while scanning my email. I have done entire yoga classes with my monkey brain running commentary (Oh, god, I’ll never make it to the end! Oh, man, what happened to my hamstrings? I think we’re running late, I’ll be all sweaty when I get back to the office, etc., etc., etc.).

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