Using Meditation To Get In Touch With Selfless Service

Meditation | Meditation Can Promote Selfless ServiceOne of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself is the act of helping another. With no strings attached, assisting someone in need (even better if they don’t know it’s coming from you) not only transmits the spirit of support, but also reconnects the giver with the part of oneself capable of outwardly generating free-flowing love (see Openness Through Meditation). The question is, how does one cultivate the spirit of selfless service? I know this might be shocking for some, practice meditation.

Checkout this latest Huffington Post from Mallika Chopra, an inspiring woman (daughter of Deepak) and founder of who recently organized a public group meditation in San Francisco. The point? To help people get in touch with their intentions for helping others by using meditation as a catalyst. According to Chopra, selfless service requires that we get out of our normal everyday comfort zones and into consciously living our lives.

During the group meditation, I asked the participants to contemplate in silence how they can serve the world. I believe this is an important question that we need to ask ourselves every single day.

This is not an easy question to answer and there are no right answers. Serving others requires us to get out of our comfort zones. Serving others requires us to stop living life on auto-pilot and to consciously challenge ourselves to grow into a stronger, more loving and more courageous person. The fate of our world depends on all of us waking up to the greater reality of interconnection and helping others.

I am inspired that so many people consciously chose to meditate in peace and practice yoga in the middle of a busy weekend in San Francisco when they could have been doing so many other things. We need more group meditations for peace. We need more public parades celebrating the diversity of our human brothers and sisters of all colors, religions and sexual orientations. We need more people asking themselves what collective intent for the greater good they are willing to help manifest to bring greater change in this world.

Read more from Chopra on her recent SF group meditation here.

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