Using Meditation To Harness Your Creativity

Meditation | Use A Mindfulness Meditation Practice To Ground YourselfIf you’re reading this post, you’re probably hip to the fact that meditation can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety. So much so, that when you find yourself overwhelmed by life’s comings and goings, you choose to sneak away from whatever you’re doing to practice 20 to 30 minutes of silent inward reflection. Not only can a meditation practice help to relieve you of your mind’s chaos, but it can also allow you to focus and unleash that beautiful spark of creativity to more fully manifest in your life.

Douglas Eby, in this recent Psych Central post, takes a look at how meditation can benefit a person when it comes to their creativity. According to Eby, the nervous system in creative types tends to be more open to taking in external stimuli than in those who are less creative. (I would make the case that all people are super creative when given the right amount of needed support, but Eby’s comments are worth noting). That said, through meditation and mindfulness, those creative people in need of grounding can use a practice to not only move through the chaos of their minds, but in doing so, connect to the source of their creative juices.

What does meditation do?

In his post Four Myths About Mindfulness Meditation, Ronald Alexander, Ph.D. writes that the related experience of mindfulness “seems to ground restless people, transforming their energy from a chaotic, even manic, discharge to a more focused and heightened exuberance that then can be channeled into [creative] productivity.”

He adds, “By cultivating mindfulness, you allow yourself to hear even the subtlest messages from the unconscious. You can be awakened with a gentle nudge instead of a splash of icy water. Embracing your circumstances despite the pain, you can craft a fulfilling life that’s infused with passion and originality…”

Read more from Eby on using meditation to harness your creativity here.

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