Using Meditation To Heal Anxiety

When it comes to people who are anxious, the thought of siting quietly and watching their thoughts go by might seem like a daunting or even a scary proposition. Those afflicted with the condition (and who isn’t) typically want to go-go-go. But what happens when the going gets too tough and the need for a solution is greater than the run? For many, meditation can provide the answer.

Lisa Lavia Ryan, in this Des Moines Register post, focuses on one woman with such a condition. Having already tried to medicate the condition away, Kelly Brose found that heading straight for the anxiety through meditation was the most effective treatment. At R Studios in Urbandale, Beth Damm sheds light on why:

“I’ve been teaching meditation as a part of yoga since 2006, and I can tell you with certainty that there’s no better way to achieve a connection between your body and your thoughts,” Damm, of Cumming, said. “When you’re united in mind, body and spirit, you can examine the thoughts you’re having and try to reach a place of stillness.”

Damm said contrary to what some might assume, meditation is not tied to any particular religion; anyone can participate, and chances are it will improve the well-being of anyone who commits to it.

“The thing is, most people probably practice it already to some degree, but they don’t call it meditation,” Damm said. “It’s simply about taking a moment to slow down and reconnect with yourself – to establish a connection that will impact how you relate to everything else around you.

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