Using Meditation To Help The Helping Professional

Meditation | Create Clear Boundaries Through MeditationIf you’re in the helping profession, you know how important it is to practice clear boundaries, good intentions, and every now and then, have a check in with yourself to see what’s getting through those blind spots. Whether you’re a therapist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, mind body counselor, and the like, when the healer isn’t getting some healing, problems can arise.

Lauren M, In this recent Psych Central post, outlines 6 potential snags that might prohibit a helping professional from being of maximum service. According to Lauren, who gained insight into her own growing edges through mindfulness meditation, key to clarity and health for those who put their emotional lives on the line for others is to take one’s meditation practice to work.

“Bring your meditation practice to work,” Mr. Meditation Teacher suggested. The simplest things we don’t think of ourselves.

Practice letting go of each patient with a conscious breath. Letting go of one cloak, before the next arrives. Experiencing the emotional weight of one patient, and allowing it to go…providing space for the next patient. One patient in, one patient out. One breath in, one breath out.

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