Using Meditation To Influence Your Energy

Meditation | Use Meditation To Change Your KarmaAlthough much of what is discussed when it comes to the benefits of meditation refers to those on the emotional and physical plane, the truth is (of course depending upon which perspective you are viewing life from) that everything is made of energy. Zig zagging frequencies and energy vibrations form our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and the like, not to mention the computer or iPhone you’re currently reading this post on. What’s the point? Use meditation to influence your energy system (also known as your aura) to promote health and wellness.

Dr Joseph S Maresca reviews author Synthia Andrews’ new book, The Path of Energy: Awaken Personal Power and Expand Consciousness in this recent Seattle Pi post. According to Maresca, the book centers on using meditation to shift our energy patterns in order to change our karmic record and ultimately, change the direction of our lives. Andrews offers several meditations along these lines.

A major theme of Synthia Andrews’ The Path of Energy: Awaken Personal Power and Expand Consciousness is the changing of life itself by shifting energy patterns through a series of meditations. Essentially, energy and matter are the same except for changes in the rate of vibration. Matter itself is held by energy. The energy template is the aura and the human template is each person’s karma record. If this is true, the Biblical Judgment Day should be easy to administer. Our templates are accessed via awareness.

Blood responds to energy directed by the mind. We are the sum total of our choices. Meditation quiets the mind so that visualization can take place. Various meditations are described by the book. For instance, the Pillar of Light meditation is designed to activate boundaries of the aura.

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