Using Meditation To Overcome Cancer Treatment Fears

For someone who receives a cancer diagnosis, the overwhelming fear of death that comes along with it can be quite debilitating. Unfortunately for many, the fear doesn’t stop there. Although a variety of treatment options may be available, the truth is that the treatments themselves can be equally as scary. That said, one study has found that meditation can offer a powerful solution to a person’s cancer treatment fears.

In this ABC Los Angeles story, the use of meditation as a means to overcome fear so that treatment can proceed is discussed. According to Denise Dador, using a combination of relaxation techniques, visualization, breathing exercises, and meditation has helped one man suffering from Stage Two Lymphoma to move forward with his otherwise terrifying radiation treatments.

Raking in a zen garden is one form of relaxation, but visual guided imagery is a specialized form of meditation that teaches a patient to focus on their breath and different muscle groups.

“Even learning for a short period of time could teach you how to reduce stress, reduce anxiety in different situations,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Susan Harden.

After a few weeks, Ramirez gained the skills to undergo treatment.

“The body didn’t control me,” said Ramirez. “My mind was strong enough to deal with it, and say you know what? I’m going to be all right.”

Read more of Dador exploration of meditation as a way to conquer your fears here.

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