Using Meditation To Rebuild A Life Destroyed By Alcohol

You’ve got to admit, this thing called life certainly has some interesting twists. Throw in temptation and a culture driven by the external pursuit of happiness and you’ve got the perfect storm. Depending upon your perspective, life is either a series of victimizations or the profound opportunity to excel in cultivating a relationship with self.

The story of former U.S. Representative Bob Ney of Ohio is an example of the latter. Ney, a once respected politician in Washington, had his career destroyed because of alcoholism. Now, according to this WTOV 9 post, Ney is using a combination of meditation and participation in Alcoholics Anonymous to rebuild his life.

In 2008, after he was released, Ney tried his hand at talk radio, then last fall he went to India for three months to learn more about the Buddhist meditation.

“You stay in the moment you don’t live in the past. You don’t dwell on the future,” he said.

He is not trying to create a nonprofit agency that provides funding for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder so they can learn and benefit from meditation therapy.

“We’re not saying ‘don’t medicate’ — that’s up to a doctor. But we promote meditation. It’s breathing. It’s not religious. It’s a proven scientific method,” he said.

Ney said the Buddhist meditation and AA has jointly helped him kick his alcoholism that led to his downfall.

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