Using Meditation To See Through Fear

Meditation | Become Aware Of Unconscious Fears Through MeditationWhether or not we like to admit it, many of our actions are driven by unconscious fears that unfortunately get in the way of us making rational decisions. And although fear does have its positives, like helping us to react when in the presence of danger, when fear is unconscious, it drives people to not always behave in their best interest.

Delia Quigley takes a look at fear in this latest Care 2 post and how it’s important for people to not only take the steps necessary to identify their fears, but also use practices like meditation and yoga to observe and work toward dissolving them.

According to Quigley, by using a meditation practice to calm the mind, a person is better able to take stock of their fear and assess (from a more grounded place) whether the fear is real or if the mind is just doing what it knows best, how to make up stories.

The majority of people live in fear of the unknown future. This may be fear of future failure, success, commitment, disapproval, a person, or group of other people, or even fear of looking at ourselves and seeing who we really are. In actuality, it is not the unknown we fear, but losing what we know, what we have, what we are attached to in our lives. Spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti says that “you are afraid of discovering what you are, afraid of being at a loss, afraid of the pain which might come into being when you have lost or have not gained or have no more pleasure.”

These fears limit your ability to flow with the ever-changing world. These fears stand in the way of actualizing your true potential. It’s not easy to face your fears, especially when you have set up an elaborate network of denial, subterfuge, and escape that has kept you dancing around your mental monsters.

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