Using Meditation To Shift Focus

There are many reasons to meditate, some more profound than others. Whether it be to lower your blood pressure or reduce your stress and anxiety, it’s safe to say that meditation works by shifting your focus from the external to the internal. Put another way, meditation gives you the precious opportunity to cultivate that ever important relationship with self.

Susan Scott Morales, in this recent Ann Arbor post, reminds us that meditation can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. According to Morales, becoming mindful of your internal experience as you go about your daily activities creates a sense of objectivity that can lead to a non-judgemental stance toward yourself and others.

So, try this. Anytime you happen to remember this concept, ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?” or “How is my body feeling today?” or “What’s my emotional state?”

By doing this, you’re exercising a very important part of your brain that allows you to see yourself objectively. In my teaching and writing, I’ve often advised against switching into judgmental mode. I can’t stress this enough.

If you find yourself being judgmental, coax your focus back to witnessing yourself as if in a movie. It helps if you concentrate on the feelings in your body.

Read more from Morales on using meditation to create objectivity here.

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