Using Meditation To Transcend Karma

We all meditate for different reasons. For some it’s to help with pain management, while for others they use a meditation practice to help ground themselves enough to happily get through the day. Many people, however, use meditation as a way to accept life on life’s terms rather than how they would prefer life to unfold.

Nayaswami Bharat pens this recent Ananda post on using meditation as a way for people to accept their karma. The reason? So you can quickly move through it. In using the example of two people whose karma had manifested in physical pain, Bharat offers how meditation allows those afflicted to remember our reality as vast Spirit.

The practice of observing the breath during meditation brings deep spiritual benefits — one of the most important is a sense of detachment from your physical body and mental processes. Every time you observe the breath without controlling it, you are affirming the attitude, “I am not this body.” Every time your mind wanders and you bring yourself back by repeating the Hong-Sau mantra, you are saying, “I am not this personality.”

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