Using Mindfulness Meditation To Soften The Heart

Depending upon which perspective you’ve adopted for the day, life is either a series of moments and experiences to be judged for fairness, or life is the ultimate in humbling, loving, painful, and beautiful opportunities that skillfully teach you how to work some of your karmic debt off and hopefully evolve. If you are anything like me, you subscribe to the latter, but only as the result of staying in the former for many years.

Noah Levine pens this latest Huffington Post on his experience with Buddhist meditation as the means by which his own heart softened. In his true-to-form brutally honest, yet deeply insightful writing style, Levine takes us on his meditation journey and helps connect us to our ability to use meditation to heal and love (even when sometimes we don’t want to).

The Buddhist path is a process of discovery, recovery and a gradual uncovering of a loving heart. I see the process of awakening and healing as being like an archeological dig. In the early days, I was just on the surface. Mindfulness was a tremendous relief, and it acted like a metal detector that allowed me to know there were precious treasures beneath the ground. Mindfulness was also the shovel that began the excavation. But as I began to dig, I first found all the layers of sediment that were covering the heart. The heart practices were a further refining of the soil. I was beginning to sift through the rubble hoping to immediately find treasure. My early days of feeling more unsettled during compassion and kindness exercises was because I was simply uncovering all of the skeletons that had been buried over the years of trying to avoid the pains of my childhood and adolescence. I had become quite skilled at covering the insecurity and reactivity. But each meditative effort of forgiveness, kindness or compassion was another shovel full of dirt, each one getting me closer to the forgotten truth of my heart.

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