Using Positive Affirmations And Self Hypnosis

For many of us, what we have to say to ourselves has a profound effect on our overall happiness. Unfortunately, the self script that people acquire as they move from childhood into adulthood isn’t a very positive one. Combined with a world that teaches us to focus outside of ourselves in order to achieve peace and serenity, it’s no wonder that depression is so prevalent in our society.

Laura Silva has a good website that addresses and offers exercise to help to change the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves. According to Silva, positive affirmations are a way to not only build our self esteem but also self acceptance. In combination with relaxation techniques, positive affirmations can be used as a self hypnosis technique.

A positive affirmation is simply a statement that you give yourself to banish negative or counterproductive thoughts.  Psychologists have found that people often engage in negative self-talk mentally, in which they tell themselves all the “can’ts” and “shoulds” and “don’ts” that keep them from realizing their full potential…

…if you want to give a real kick-start to an affirmation, try it in conjunction with a simple relaxation and self hypnosis exercise.  When your mind is in its most relaxed and focused state, it is easier to really internalize the message you are trying to give yourself.

Read more from Silva including exercises in positive affirmations and self hypnosis here.

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