Using Self Hypnosis To Break The Addiction

Although most people turn to one vice or another to help them get by, unfortunately, when a simple vice turns into a full blown addiction, people tend to run into problems. That said, regardless of whether a person calls it a vice or an addiction, turning to something outside of oneself to cope with overwhelming feelings rather than focusing inward in order to access your own internal resources, in the long run, is destructive. So what’s an addicted, vice-driven person to do?

Well, you could try meditation. Many different practices support the belief that by becoming mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you stand a better chance of not reacting, thereby not needing to reach for that drink, drug, or person. Another option similar in scope to meditation is self hypnosis.

Troy Landreville interviews hypnotherapist Jackie Maclean about the use of self hypnosis in the treatment of addictions in this recent Langley Advance post. According to Maclean, most people have a skewed view when it comes to hypnosis. For Maclean, the practice helps a person to get in touch with the internal resources needed to manifest change.

No one can control another person’s mind, Maclean stressed: “During a hypnosis session, you will gain greater control over your mind and you can access change and make changes if you wish to.”

She helps clients, through breathing exercise and focus techniques, control phobias, weight, depression, anxiety attacks, and to stop smoking.

“Some are more relaxed and ready to let go, and some are more tentative,” Maclean said, “not knowing that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnosis is just an altered state. You are aware of everything that is going on. You will not be hypnotized if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to let go.”

Maclean said hypnotherapy is tied to finding your inner self. “Spirituality is accessing your own inner vision, your own inner power,” she said. “It’s simply knowing right from wrong.”

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