Using The Mind To Heal The Body

I know, I know, any post that promotes self hypnosis as a means to change is suspect. It’s unfortunate that movies and television have given it such a comical wrap over the years. The truth is, many of our bad behaviors operate because the drive to do them rests in a person’s unconscious. Without a way to access this deep material, change can be difficult. Meditation is one way to get at the material. Another is using self hypnosis techniques that purposefully work to unearth the roots of your negative behaviors.

Asia One takes a look at self hypnosis in this latest post. According to Sushma Veera, key to a self hypnosis practice is to realize that psychological and mental resources and the power to change rest within the individual and not with the therapist or practitioner.

“Then we take the patient into hypnosis and manage the experience so that he is in the right depth of relaxation. The purpose is to use psychological and emotional resources. Using imagery and other techniques, we access the patient’s unconscious mind. The unconscious mind holds all the positive experiences, confident emotions and inner sense of wisdom. It is a useful tool in psychiatry. But it is also useful for mind-body healing since many of the body’s functions take place automatically or unconsciously.

“Using hypnosis, we have a method to slow down metabolism, reduce anxiety, improve blood flow and healing conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and panic disorder.”

Read more here from Veera on benefits of self hypnosis.

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