Vipassana Meditation Gaining In Popularity With Youth

Meditation | Vipassana Meditation Teaches Concentration And A Stress Free LifeOf all the meditation techniques practiced, one of the more challenging is Vipassana meditation. Used as a way to decompress from a world consumed by technology, social networking, and constant distraction, Vipassana meditation offers incredible relief to those individuals who can stand to unplug themselves from the daily grind.

Checkout this recent Hindustan Times post from Rochelle Pinto on the rising popularity of Vipassana meditation with adults aged 22 to 30 in and around Mumbai. According to Pinto, most of the individuals come to the practice as a way to de-stress their lives. Another main reason is that the practice helps to develop concentration skills, a much needed asset as they progress in their studies and careers.

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Seema Hingorrany admits she’s seen a substantial rise in the number of young patients opting for Vipassana, and cites stress as the main reason. “Patients between the ages of 22 to 30, who find that they cannot cope with the stress in their lives and the constant need to be in touch with people, take this step because Vipassana teaches you to detach yourself,” she says, adding, “Many of them are going through a break-up in their relationships, or have parents who are getting divorced. They listen to recommendations from friends or their spiritual guru, or have read up on the subject.”

Read more from Pinto on the popularity of Vipassana meditation with Mumbai’s youth here.

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