Vipassana Or Bust

Reading about a meditator’s first experience with meditation can be quite entertaining. The expectations, the fears, the confusion. Get past all that and what rings loudest is the inspiration and insight.

Barnaby Haszard Morris in his latest NRI (Non Resident Indian) post shares his experience with his first Vipassana meditation, having only received minimal instruction on how to focus solely on the breath.

Sure he was flooded with thoughts. Yes his mind and body tried to throw him of. That said, Morris is able to connect to something much deeper. Through memories from the past he connects to the moment and the beauty contained in this simple pleasure.

Come back to the breath. I just cannot believe how much more comfortable I am with these extra cushions, how I can indeed have my legs tucked under me. I’ve seen people who look like this and wondered how the hell they do it. I want to smile and giggle with joy. It’s always the same for me when I discover I can do, or understand, something that I previously believed I could not, like when I get a yoga pose right. It’s simply joyous. Resisting the urge to laugh with delight is a challenge. Maybe I’m just really easy to please?

Read more about Barnaby’s inspiring and insightful first meditation journey here.

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