Walking Meditation Can Lead To Inner Peace

Meditation Benefits | A Walking Meditation Benefits Inner PeaceThe benefits of meditation are many. Sure you can sit in your living room, light a candle, and focus within. But apart from the 20 or 30 minutes spent in pure bliss, what about the rest of your day when you’re walking around going about your day-to-day activities? Is it possible to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and inner peace while fully engaged in life? Of course, it’s called a walking meditation.

Susan Olin-Dabrowski pens this recent Poughkeepsie Journal post on the benefits of a walking meditation. Sharing her experience with two types of walking exercises, Olin-Dabrowski acknowledges how this form of meditation brings peace through purposeful focus and concentration on the breath as one moves about. Below is a summary of her exercise.

The simplest version of walking meditation is done by taking one step with your “in” breath and one step with your “out” breath. With each step bring your attention to the sole of the moving foot, noticing the sensation of contact with the Earth. In your mind, you can silently say the word “in” with the “in” breath and “out” with the “out” breath. As you become more comfortable walking this way, you may want to explore using different words. For example: Here, now, arrive, home, peace, relaxed. This slow walking meditation is excellent for doing in a small space.

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