What Can Slowing Down Do For Me?

Take a moment to consider all that you do during a typical day. From waking up and making breakfast, to going to work or dealing with the kids, then connecting with family and friends, making dinner, and finally going to bed. Its a lot. Now consider how aware you are when you are undertaking these “tasks.” Most will admit that they are on auto-pilot, not taking a moment to breath until their head hits the pillow at night.

A recent article in the Green Bay Press Gazette sheds light on how many individuals spend most of their day “sleepwalking” through their lives. Meaning, that our actions are a result of conditioning rather than with purpose.

The counter to this is a practice called mindfulness, a waking meditation of sorts. Not meant to stop a person from actually doing, mindfulness refers to witnessing the space between the stimulus to do something and the response. Many practice mindfulness meditation in solitude. The trick is to take this practice into your everyday life.

What we find when we slow down and then respond from our authentic self is that we often are more in touch with our deepest core values, our spiritual base. We can look more honestly and see if our conditioned reaction is consistent with our spiritual base. Are we living our lives consistent with our authentic self or are we reacting out of the conditioned mind? Are we truly “walking the talk” of our spiritual practice?

Read more about mindfulness as a practice and not just a meditation here.

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  1. Robin Easton says:

    I REALLY enjoyed this!!! It felt like balm, truth and sanity just reading it. Bless you and thank you!! Will tweet. :)