What In The World Is Snake Yoga?

Yes, you read correctly. Snake yoga. Sure there’s yoga that you do in a hot room and yoga that relies primarily on the physical aspects. Then there are practices meant to enlighten your spiritual side. And now, there’s one that deepens a person’s connection both to their spiritual aspects as well as the natural world…snake yoga.

This Daily Mail article by Sophie Morris introduces us to this newest of yoga forms. According to Morris, the snakes provide just the right amount of anxiety in people to give them something to work through. The point? Believe it or not, to access people’s chakras and help release blocked energy that prevents them from functioning optimally. Combined with relaxation, chanting, and meditation, snake yoga helps to release the stress of a busy life.

The snake is integral to kundalini which believes energy sits dormant, coiled at the base of the spine like a serpent…

…After a tough beginning, I’m relieved that there’s a long relaxation period. Then it’s on to a meditation to music. Because the yoga is so intense — we move quickly between tough postures — I realize I haven’t given the snakes a second thought.

After the chanting we’re ready for the ‘meditation to remove fear’. For this we sit cross-legged with both arms held up at our sides, making the peace sign with our fingers.

‘We then move our index and middle fingers together and apart swiftly, as if snipping away with a pair of scissors.

After a few minutes, I forget about my aching fingers, because something strange is happening. I am overcome with a feeling of an intense calm.

The yoga and relaxation has done its bit, and the people who were sweating at the idea of having to handle the snakes — which come out towards the end of the class — look much more ready to get to grips with them.

Read more about snake yoga from Sophie Morris here.

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