What Is Self Hypnosis?

Say the word hypnosis to most people and they will roll their eyes. Due to bad television and movie story lines, the word conjures up thoughts of being put into a trance where you learn to cluck like a chicken. Unfortunately, because of the negative publicity that hypnosis has received over the years, people tend to overlook the benefits that hypnosis, specifically self hypnosis, can provide if practiced correctly.

In this recent article from Dwayne Hartmann, the process of self hypnosis as well as its benefits are explained. According to Hartmann, as we grow older and accumulate more and more information about life, we become less and less able to effectively process certain types of experiences. That said, one benefit of self hypnosis lies in its ability to help re-work your subconscious so that you can better deal with life’s ups and downs.

As you grow older, knowing that you’ll get hurt when you fall… or grieve when a loved one dies, is but an automatic response. It’s actually the subconscious that instantaneously reminds you of these things, and most likely they’re difficult to discount as they are unconsciously accepted by you as a general truth. Somehow it molds you to be the person that you are now, endowed with habits that are either good or bad. With self-hypnosis, you can clear and re-tool the subconscious so you can hold some things better, especially those that you felt to be very difficult and possibly even impossible.

Read more from Hartmann on how to use self hypnosis to re-wire your brain here.

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