What Is Slow Motion Meditation?

To be honest, the title “slow motion meditation” causes my ego to want to do the opposite, which is to think, think, think. Although for most people meditation does help to slow down the thought process, sometimes you need a little help.

Dalton Roberts in his latest post explains the process. According to the Times Free Press article, “slow motion meditation” isn’t so much a slowing down of one’s thoughts. Rather, the walking meditation of sorts is intended to help a person continue to do their everyday activities but in a much more purposeful, mindful, and conscious way.

I picked up another jewel of an idea from Shinzen Young. Now this one may sound silly to you, but please take my word for it — it works. It’s called the “slow-motion meditation.” Just slow down any activity you are engaged in, and do it intentionally at half speed…

…Any activity intentionally slowed down will move your brain waves from busy beta to peaceful alpha. You know you have hit alpha when you have that peaceful “aha” moment, bringing a calming balm to the body and mind.

Read more from Roberts including how he used meditation to help him win a county government election here.

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