What Is Tibetan Yoga?

When it comes to health and well being, yoga and meditation are two complimentary practices. Why? Because both healing methods, when practiced properly, work to enhance the body’s energy system or chakras. When these centers are balanced, a person is more likely to have a stronger immune system, enhanced cell production, stabilized moods, and good metabolism. If the body’s energy is blocked or not functioning properly, poor health occurs.

This Suite 101 article from Maria Janta explores the Tibetan Yoga of Movement called Yanta Yoga, a more active practice than traditional Indian Yoga that was introduced by Guru Padmasambhava, a Tantric saint, in the eighth century AD. Its purpose is to teach coordination, balance and flow. According to Janta, by combining Yanta Yoga with another balancing and harmonizing Tibetan practice called “The Five Tibetan Exercises”, optimal health can be achieved.

The ‘Five Tibetan’ program is not only a physical movement. Meditation, the right breathing, unselfish love, compassion, positive thinking, drinking water, and the right nutrition are also parts of this special way of life. It is also said, that the ancient set of activities balances the seven chakras and controls the glands and their output.

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