What Will It Take For You To Meditate?

Everyone has their reasons as to why they didn’t start (or haven’t started) their meditation practice sooner. Maybe it’s because you don’t have enough time to meditate or because you are fearful of what might arise. For some, not practicing meditation comes from a complete and utter lack of desire to sit still for more than 5 minutes. Whatever your reason, let me ask you one honest question: if you can’t be there for yourself, who’s going to?

Elena Brower, in her latest Huffington Post, explores how meditation can serve as the means by which to honor one’s being. According to Brower, by bringing attention to your second chakra, it’s possible to heal a large part of yourself that left your childhood with many of your needs unmet.

This region holds your needs as a child — a child who had viable needs but was unable to ask for what was most needed. So instead, you either tuned out or started helping to avoid the feeling of not having your own needs met. Older siblings in big families, households wherein someone was ill, or a parent left abruptly or parents fought incessantly, this is you, too. This region holds the sensations of having been rejected, whether consciously or subconsciously, while others’ needs were addressed. It’s interesting to look at this because we do have a choice: We can blame and dramatize the situation (been there, done that), or sensitively bring balance to that situation by softening our own interior reactions to it.

Read more from Brower here on how to use meditation to connect to parts of yourself that, in some instances, have been neglected for decades.

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