Which Mantra Will You Choose?

For some, sitting down to meditation is anything but relaxing. Typically, when a person begins a meditation practice he or she is often surprised at just how loud their minds are. One helpful tool to help beginning meditators not get discouraged even before they start is an audio meditation CD to promote focus. Another way to trick the monkey mind is to use a mantra.

In this Gaiam Life post, 4 different types of mantras are explored. According to the article, mantras not only help to ground the person during meditation, but they also activate the vocal chords and serve as a way to release your intentions to the universe. Mantras can be sacred chants or can be something that is personal and meaningful to you.


One of the most ancient Hindu and Buddhist mantras on this list, Om is the sound that Eastern lore holds was made at the time of creation, when the Brahman, a universal consciousness, split from one to many, according to the Om Sakthi spiritual movement.


Called the natural mantra, Soham is the sound that you make when you breathe, according to Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, listening to the sounds you make as air comes into and out of your body. It sounds like two syllables “so” and “ham”!

“I am”

For those who would rather chant in English, a powerful mantra on this list is “I am.” According to Kaedrich Olsen, a spiritual hypnotist, this is the simplest way to chant a sacred English mantra.

A positive word of your choice

According to the Meditation Society of America, the goal of meditation is simply to force your mind into a meditative state by picking something to focus on. In this sense, it is up to you to decide what you want to focus on.

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