Why Don’t You Meditate?

One of the biggest concerns (despite doing it correctly) of beginning meditators is being overwhelmed by what might arise should a person actually take the time to quiet down. The second is a loss of identity.

In this Ode Magazine article by Lexsisney, these two meditation topics are covered in delicate and purposeful detail. According to Lexsisney, the first fear is normal. Who wants to look at those feelings, thoughts, and emotions that a person has worked so hard to stuff? The trick is to stay curious in your experience. With time and practice, you will recognize that everything has a bottom to it. Moving through the sometimes scary stuff is just part of the process.

Lexsisney’s response to the second fear will probably ring true to a more seasoned meditator. An ethereal concept of sorts, in order to connect to your source you must be willing to let go of your attachments…even to your precious ego. Says Lexsisney:

The second fear – that of a loss of your identity – will arise once you’ve become adept at meditating and you want to go further in your practice. Facing this fear is the key to making a monumental breakthrough in your life. Here’s the secret: in order to bust through the layers of your psyche to the clear waters of your source, you’ve got to be willing to let go of your current sense of self and all that you’ve invested in it. Intuitively, we know this wonderful source is already there within us. Yet accessing this source is what Marianne Williamson rightly called our greatest fear: “it is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

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