Why Even The Rich And Famous Need Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Can Benefit You Regardless Of Your Social StatusWhether you’re rich or poor, famous or a regular joe, or somewhere in between, every person on this planet must at some point in their lives deal with stress and anxiety. Now I’m not saying that everyone has to act stressed out or anxious. I’m just pointing out that by living in this chaotic world, more often than not, disruption occurs between how life is and how each one of us thinks it should be.

In this recent Wales Online post, Rachel Mainwaring takes a look at how today more and more celebrities are falling from the spotlight grace due to mental and psychological issues caused by an inability to deal with overwhelming stress. Meditation expert Ivama Newman discusses the issue with Mainwaring, using the recent emotional breakdown of Catherine Zeta-Jones and stage fright confession of pop singer Adele as examples.

According to Newman, meditation helps us to find our inner peace. Moreover, meditation can help counteract the chemicals found in our brains that perpetuate feelings of stress and anxiety.

And with pop star Adele saying in an interview this week that she is too scared to perform on stage at festivals, as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones being treated recently for bipolar disorder following her husband Michael Douglas’ cancer battle, Cardiff-based Ivama said meditation can be the key to helping combat nerves and depression.

She said: “For performers who get nervous, like Adele, meditation can certainly help. Those who practise it will find that the initial nervousness won’t last quite as long. And it can certainly help those suffering from depression, as it can help regulate moods and counteract the chemicals in our brain that make people feel depressed.

Read more from Mainwaring and Newman on using meditation to deal with stress and anxiety here.

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