Why Is Sex So Bad?

For some who were drawn to this post because of the title might be thinking, “My sex ain’t bad. In fact I quite enjoy it.” The purpose of the question, however, wasn’t to call attention to the act itself. Rather, the fact that most of us never think further than the act so as to become aware of our intentions and hangups when it comes to this “sacred” practice.

Let’s face it, we live in a culture that is hyper-sexualized. Winners and losers are less often defined by their internal states and more often by size and what hangs from their arm…just being honest.

But what if this natural and divine act is a means by which to connect to the Divine? In this insightful Integral Life post from Jun Po Kelly Roshi, the sacred nature of sex is discussed. According to Roshi, it is only through meditation that we can release the ignorance that prohibits our sacred connection to sex.

We are blinded to the sacred nature of sexuality because of many different obstacles: our animal nature, tempting us to do all manner of reckless things; Puritanical ideas about monogamy and self-sacrifice; greed and selfishness that tempt us to hoard lovers and experiences; lust that takes us out of our divinity and out of our hearts; denial of our sexual and deeply sensual nature; jealousy’s distortions that turn love into a spasm of need and contraction; the politics of sex, where power and control reign supreme; and ignorance of the truth of the ephemeral gift of life, which is nothing less than Unconditional Love manifest.

Read more about how to use meditation to uncover your intentions surrounding sex here.

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