Why It Is Important To Ground Yourself During Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Experience Other Realms Of AwarenessMeditation is a practice that helps you to connect to your body and mind in way that cultivates a different perspective on one’s life. That said, the mere practice of focusing inward means that less of your focus is looking toward the external. And while this can provide the sense of relaxation and enlightenment that most are seeking in practicing meditation, there is a potential shadow side.

Checkout this recent Huffington Post from Stacey Nemour. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on when it comes to whether or not meditation can cause dissociation rather than association, her piece on the need to ground yourself as part of your meditation practice is worth a look.

According to Nemour, who bases her post on a close friend of her’s experience of a toxic relationship, the need to incorporate physical and emotional grounding as part of your practice is as important as the meditation practice itself. Nemour discusses her beliefs with author Katie Weatherup.

It is possible to meditate too much and spend too much time out of your body in other realms. It can leave one feeling “spacey” and disconnected from life on the physical plane. It’s important to have energetic balance between our spiritual and physical. When I meditate I find it helps to root to the earth and align with the divine. Then I finish by balancing my spiritual/physical energies below the navel (tantien)…

…When we’re not in our bodies we are disconnected from our healthy boundaries, sense of self and personal power. It makes us more vulnerable to other people’s energies and unhealthy relationships. Activities such as yoga, qi gong, tai chi, or other martial arts combine a wonderful balance of spiritual and physical connection. However, hours of sitting meditation and focused Kundalini work have been a catalyst for a full breakdown for more than one of my clients.

Read more from Nemour on the importance of grounding before, during, and after meditation here.

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