Why We Meditate

Meditation | Use Meditation To Enjoy The Simplicity Of LifeCary Tennis writes a great Dear Abby-ish style blog for Salon. In his latest humble and insightful answer to the question of the day, Tennis quite bluntly suggests to a man consumed with depression, anxiety and despair that one solution to his issues could be meditation.

While Cary doesn’t deny that the man has issues (single, in debt, needs a job), it’s really about his relationship with those issues and his tendency to be consumed by his feelings that is the problem at hand.  For those who do meditate, it’s common (hopefully) knowledge that meditation doesn’t necessarily remove obstacles. Rather, meditation helps people to clear their minds enough to tackle “problems” from a different perspective.  Tennis writes:

The difference between a person who is meditating and a person who is beset with anxiety seems to be that the person who is meditating becomes aware of these anxious thoughts and then lets these anxious thoughts go. The person who is meditating continues meditating and after a while goes on with the dishes or the writing or the paying of bills.

Whether you suffer from depression or anxiety or are struggling with finding a job or a relationship, Cary’s advice is well received. Read more about how meditation can help you here.

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