Why You Want To Practice Meditation In Public

Meditation | Meditating In Public Inspires OthersIf you’re like most meditators, you’re accustomed to practicing meditation in the same spot day after day. Let’s face it, familiarity is a precious commodity when it comes to cultivating a relationship with self. Moreover, when you practice meditation in a familiar and personal space, you are much more in control of your environment. That said, when it comes to pushing your meditation limits, consider a question. Could taking your practice and placing it in the public spotlight actually catapult you to a higher plane, and in that, more profound healing?

Christopher Lowman takes a look at this question in his latest Activist Post. According to Lowman, practicing meditation in public serves two purposes. It forces you to deal with your inner critic that is deathly afraid of criticism and it allows you to own more of your power as a human being, thereby causing others to consider their own vulnerabilities and strengths.

I. This is most important. Your need for approval gets put in the crosshairs.

And it needs to be if you are serious about mastery, which is to say, serious about entering into a state of fearlessness or easiness—however you want to look at it—where there is zero hesitation about externalizing the inner movement you feel to do or say something, often in the presence of others.

II. You will inspire others.

People will see you there sitting like a master, unmoved, unchanged in her environment, perfectly at ease and content and be reminded of something.

They will be reminded that they have gotten too entrenched in the world. They are spending too much time on nonsense. They have forgotten who they are.

Your vibration will be like a wake up call, your meditation will be an act of service.

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