Will Meditation Ever Be Sexy?

Meditation | Use Meditation To Connect To Your Authentic CoreWhen you talk about meditation, you probably don’t speak of sexiness in the same sentence. Sure, we can show bare chested men or women in skimpy bathing suits, but when it comes right down to it, is overcoming some physical issue or mental ailment really all that enticing? Well I guess that all depends on why a person practices meditation in the first place.

Ed and Deb Shapiro pen this enlightening Care 2 post on the sexiness of meditation. According to the Shapiros, although meditation is currently fashionable, with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Sting, Richard Gere, and Kate Bosworth promoting the hipness of focusing within, when it comes to meditation, the practice hasn’t quite become a permanent fixture in most people’s wellness toolboxes.

Says the Shapiros, although people are sure to discover their more authentic selves, maybe meditation doesn’t appear sexy because the perception is that it’s not all that entertaining.

Perhaps it is because meditation just doesn’t seem that sexy! The mind seeks constant entertainment and much prefers being distracted than facing the endless dramas racing around inside it. The idea of sitting still and watching our breath can appear boring, meaningless, even a time-waster, and not at all fun, challenging, or creative.

Yet meditation is all of this and much more. It is about discovering our authenticity and the magic of being alive. It is sexy because it feels great and there is nothing more joyful.

Meditation is simply about being fully present in this moment, no matter what we are doing. If you are washing the dishes, then let any thoughts and distractions dissolve into the soap bubbles; if you are ironing, then become one with the rhythm of the movement; when you are eating, be aware of every bite, the tastes and textures. In this way, everything can be an awakening experience.

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