Will Self Hypnosis Replace The Epidural?

According to The Daily Mail, a new study consisting of 800 first timer expectant-mothers-to-be will be taught how to use self hypnosis before giving birth. The purpose? For these mothers to teach themselves how to go into a trance-like state before “that” moment arrives.

Using meditation to control pain is nothing new. Introducing it in the form of self hypnosis and into the realm of birthing would be revolutionary. Part of the study aims at reducing the toxicity that women face in receiving an epidural. While another part of the study attempts to give mothers more capacity to handle labor themselves.

A case study reports:

Expectant mothers will be taught to hypnotise themselves before giving birth as an alternative to painkillers.

Victoria Parrott used the self hypnosis method when she gave birth to her daughter Martha last year.

The 34-year-old sales executive did not need any pain relief at all and said at actually dozed off because she was so relaxed.

Before the birth she attended several three-hour long sessions near her home in  Harpenden, Hertfordshire where she was taught to put herself in a state of calm.

She said: ‘I can honestly say I felt no pain at all. All I felt were gentle sensations as Martha passed through my pelvis.

‘It was the most extraordinary experience.

‘I walked into the delivery suite and I was laughing and chatting so much that  the midwife didn’t believe I was in advanced labour.

‘She was shocked when she found the baby was truly on its way.’

Baby Martha was healthy 7lb 11oz last March.

Read more about this fascinating study which uses the power of the mind and self hypnosis here.

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