World Renowned Guru Takes A Bite Out Of The Apple

For those unfamiliar with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Indian native is a world renowned spiritual leader who believes that the path to experiencing greater love, compassion, and enthusiasm is a spiritual one accomplished by using a breath and meditation technique he developed called Sudarshan Kriya. According to Shankar, the breath is what connects the mind and body. The technique is used to bring physical, mental, and emotional balance to a person.

Recently, Shankar was in New York to help launch a new meditation program called I Meditate NY designed to help city dwellers with stress. Reported in this NY Times post, Shankar believes that meditation and breathing is especially helpful to those living in the big city.

Urban life would especially lend itself to his form of breathing and meditation, he said, with its goal of rejuvenating participants physically, mentally and emotionally.

“People who have a lot to do in life, they have a greater need to meditate,” he said. “When you live in the middle of this hustle-bustle, and you have a lot of responsibilities and demands on you, you naturally have a greater longing for it.”

“It is important for people to take a few minutes every day to sit with their eyes closed and look for inner peace,” he said, walking up Broadway, and passing a panhandler holding up a cardboard sign with the words, “I listen to your problems for $2.”

“You need a source of silence and sanity and it is healthy to clearing the mind,” he said.

Mr. Shankar said he envisioned a world free of stress and violence and said that meditation helped nurture the individual love, compassion and enthusiasm to reach these broader goals.

Read more about Shankar’s trip to NY here.

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  1. Jill says:

    It was an awesome evening! Meditating with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a great experience. The music was rocking! I practice the Art of Living meditation, breathing and yoga exercises everyday and I find them very useful to bringing calmness to my mind and energy into my system.