Yoga + Meditation = Balance

For centuries now, people have understood the powerful effect that yoga can have when it comes to a person’s health, well being, and spiritual growth. As one pose opens to another, the body’s energy system opens, a person drops into a meditation of sorts, and if lucky, connects to something much deeper than just the physical body and mind. This kind of deep meditation allows people to focus on what many call their “spirituality.”

In this Business Daily Africa post, yoga as a way to establish a mind body connection is discussed. According to the article, three elements are necessary for a “proper” yoga practice.

1. Physical postures that participants flow into and then hold, before proceeding to the next posture.

2. A focus on breathing techniques that make participants more aware of their bodies.

3. Deep meditation and relaxation, allowing participants to focus on their spirituality.

All of those elements must be in place for people to get the best results for their health and well-being, said Karen Sherman, an affiliate associate professor of epidemiology with the Center for Health Studies in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.

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