Your Guide To Relaxation Meditation

Watch most people and you will notice that they have a breaking point when it comes to stress and stressful situations. The expectation that you don’t have one is unreasonable. However, it is possible to strengthen the muscle that helps you to relax rather than to react when faced with stress.

In this article from Janet Erickson, several relaxation meditation techniques are discussed. According to Erickson, progressive muscle relaxation and guided relaxation are two methods helpful in dealing with stress. Whereas, progressive muscle relaxation is practiced through a combination of tensing and releasing your different muscle groups, guided relaxation uses utilizes breathing exercises and creative visualization.

The known ways of dealing with stress involves eating right, getting regular exercise, taking control of daily activities and having more effective time management. As good as they sound, relaxation meditation have been known to help relieve stress better. This is because this kind of meditation directly taps into the body’s natural relaxation response, which is known to be a powerful cure for stress.

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