The Value Of A Guided Meditation

Meditation | A Guided Meditation Can Offer Direction And Focus

The truth is, meditation is a relatively new practice in Western culture. That said, it has been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world not only as a way to heal numerous mental and physical ailments, but also as a means to those looking for connection to oneself through a conscious relationship with a deeper sense of existence. Today, meditation continues to make a dramatic impact […] Read more »

100 Ways In Which Meditation Benefits You

Meditation Benefits | How Meditation Benefits You

When it comes to alternative therapy, there’s no other healing practice that can benefit you more than meditation. And while the biggest challenge many beginning meditators face is finding the time to focus within, once a person commits to this inward reflection, most find that it becomes a vital part of their wellness toolbox. Below are 100 amazing ways in which meditation can benefit you. Physiological benefits: 1- It lowers […] Read more »

Deepak Chopra On How To Practice Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Cultivate Transcendence, Divine Attitude, Self Reflection And Self Regulation

For any beginning meditator, practicing meditation can appear to be somewhat of a challenge. Truth be told, however, it’s one of the simplest of healing practices on the market (and one of the most powerful). All that’s needed to begin is a pillow, a chair back, and a little motivation (there’s even a meditation video game). That said, anyone looking to begin a meditation practice would benefit from considering following […] Read more »

8 Ways Meditation Promotes A Healthy Mind Body Spirit Connection

Meditation | Use Meditation To Bring Harmony To Your Life

If you’re someone who meditates, you know how challenging it can be at times to keep harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. What with all the distractions that life offers, unless a person makes a concerted effort to cultivate mindfulness around this ever important three-part connection, it’s quite easy to feel out of balance and out of sorts. Practice is essential, but what if you’re the type of person […] Read more »

Defragment Your Brain With Meditation

meditation | Reorganize Your Thinking Using Meditation

A lot can be said when it comes to how and why a meditation practice can enhance your life. Not only does it have a positive influence on your mental and physical well being, but meditation can put you in touch with a deeper sense of existence. No small feat, when practiced with intent this holistic healing practice can reorganize your thinking and create much needed space between your thoughts […] Read more »

7 Meditation Practices For Beginning Meditators

Meditation | Meditation Benefits Are Found In Any Meditation Practice

Fortunately, meditation is simple in theory and there are numerous practices a beginning meditator can use to get a good feel for what meditation is all about. From focusing on the breath and one’s awareness, to chanting mantras and practicing visualization, meditation is as diverse as the people who practice this holistic healing technique. If you’re a beginning meditator or a seasoned one looking for a brush up, checkout this recent […] Read more »

8 Meditation And Yoga Practices To Keep You Calm

Meditation | Meditation And Yoga Are Useful Practices When You Want To Be Calm

If you’re a beginning meditator, although there’s plenty of information on how to practice meditation, what is sometimes hard to find is information on specific types of meditation practices and what they are helpful for. It is important to note that there’s no real right way to practice meditation. The point is to find some internal reflecting practice that allows you to gently place your focus on pure awareness. That […] Read more »

Demystifying Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Practice Letting Go Of Expectations

What’s the difference between practicing meditation and daydreaming? A valid question that many beginning meditators ponder when starting their meditation practice. And while it would seem that letting one’s mind wander could constitute an inward journey, important is to consider what one’s intention is and whether or not a person is attached to the results. Checkout this recent IBN post meant to demystify the practice of meditation. According to the […] Read more »

Creating Your Meditation Practice

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Is Personal To Each Individual

The good news when it comes to meditation is that it’s personal to each individual. In other words, you get to decide the how, what, and when of it. Although there are many paths in which a person can begin to cultivate that special relationship with self, depending upon your personality, you alone through practice get to find what works best for you. Sharon McConnell-Feanny, in this recent Jamaica Gleaner […] Read more »