5 Tips For Beginning A Meditation Practice

Meditation | Meditation Tips Can Help You To Begin Your Practice

If you’re new to meditation, getting started can be the hardest part. One thing to be on the lookout for is your mind which will more than likely throw up every justifiable reason as to why you can’t practice. Some of those roadblocks might include the belief that you don’t have enough time or that sitting in meditation for 10 to 20 minutes a day will be too boring. While […] Read more »

Making Sense Of Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Benefits Are Available To Anyone Who Practices Meditation

If you aren’t accustomed to looking within, the idea of sitting for even 5 minutes of meditation can be quite daunting. Who wants to acknowledge and process all the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that one does such a good job at stuffing? The problem with this of course can be summed up by the following statement: that which we resist persists. True that. In an attempt to make the practice […] Read more »

8 Tips To Jump Start You Beginning Meditation Practice

Meditation | Meditation Benefits Come With Daily Practice

Meditation benefits come in a variety of colors. That said, a decrease to your stress and anxiety, a cure to your high blood pressure, and a way to help you get a better night’s sleep will only happen if you actually practice meditation. And while many a beginning meditator, for a variety of reasons, hesitates before starting a practice, there are a few things that you can do to help approach […] Read more »

The Green Dot Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

Meditation | Mindfulness Meditation Centers The Mind And Body

If you’re a long time meditator, you know that part of the practice is about finding the time in which to cultivate that inward focus and relationship with self. But that’s only part of it. The other part is committing to practicing and practicing and practicing. Without that commitment, the benefits gained in meditation can be fleeting at best. Judi England, in this recent Times Union post, empathizes with those […] Read more »

A Simple Approach To Meditation

Meditation | Use Visualization And Breathing Exercises To Meditate

If you’re a beginning meditator, know that meditation is neither difficult nor a complicated or involved process. All you need to do is grab a pillow (think of it as your special meditation pillow) and space on the floor in a room or part of you living environment that has as few distractions as possible. The point is to do whatever it takes (and I mean anything) to get quiet […] Read more »

3 Helpful Tips For Meditation Newbies

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Gives Your Left Brain Something To Do

When it comes to beginning a meditation practice, although it’s not uncommon for a new meditator to get overwhelmed with concerns over doing it right, the truth is, there’s no perfect way to practice meditation (hint: when you come to accept that, it tends to make the ride a bit easier and more enjoyable!). That said, for all you new meditators out there, checkout this recent Finer Minds post for […] Read more »

Get Spiritual (And Happy) With Meditation

Meditation | Become Spiritual And Happy With Meditation

Although today meditation is the celeb du jour and is practiced by those rich and famous the world round, believe it or not, this life changing alternative healing practice wasn’t always the talk of the town. And while there are numerous types of meditation practices in which a beginning meditator can choose from, the important thing is to find that practice which resonates with you and your own unique personality […] Read more »

The One-Minute Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Set Yourself Free

One of the biggest excuses that people give for not practicing meditation is that they don’t have the time. Now whether or not this is their fear talking, or their expectation that in order to reap the benefits from a meditation practice a person must be able to dedicate 30 minutes a day otherwise why bother, the truth is that meditation can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. All you […] Read more »

Where Should A Beginning Meditator Begin?

Meditation | Vipassana Meditation Cultivates Mindfulness

If you’ve ever considered a meditation practice, it’s safe to assume that you have some ideas about why you might need one in the first place. Regardless of those reasons, congratulations on undertaking what might end up becoming one of the most loving and beneficial things you could ever do for yourself. And now firmly on the path, the question is, where should a beginning meditator begin? Checkout this recent Huffington […] Read more »