Dummies Guide To Meditation

Where to start, what to do, and why is it important? Three commons questions any beginning meditator thinks about or asks when considering undertaking a meditation practice. Here’s a hint: think about everything you can possibly imagine…now let it all go. In this recent PsychCentral post from Margarita Tartakosvky, the topic of meditation is explored. Citing published author, yoga instructor and licensed social worker Mary NurrieStearns, Tartakosvky answers the many […] Read more »

Removing Dogma From Meditation

Time and time again, a beginning meditator will ask what’s the best path to take to do meditation correctly. Ask well seasoned meditators and they will say that its not about the type of practice. Rather, correct meditation is about removing the dogma that surrounds many meditation practices and finding the path that speaks to you. Sharon Salzberg, author and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society believes that the best […] Read more »

3 Preparation Essentials To An Effective Meditation Practice

Whether you meditate to increase your brainpower or to better get to know yourself, there are three fundamentals that you should take into consideration when setting up a meditation practice: creating the proper environment, mindfulness in your posture, and setting an intention. Susan Scott Morales’ Ann Arbor post reminds us that preparation can be just as important as letting go. In her article, Morales explains how creating a meditation environment […] Read more »

Recipe For A Meditation Practice

Meditation | Use A Grounding Meditation To Bring Your Life Into Focus

As a beginning meditator, knowing where to start can be challenging. Simplicity is key. According to this post from Suite101 the quickest way to ground is through the breath (and the quicker you ground the quicker changes can occur). By focusing on the inhalation and the exhalation, a person moves awareness away from the busy brain to the simplicity of the breath. This type of grounding meditation lays the foundation […] Read more »